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Several developments over the last few years have helped to lessen the problems of IP management.First, DHCP servers, systems that automatically allocate and track IP addresses, help when dynamic allocation is appropriate.

It is a simple matter to create a script that automates the process of pinging a range of IP addresses, particularly if you use a tool like scanner. This second packet will get past routers that block ICMP packets.Ideally, you will keep careful records as IP addresses are assigned, but mistakes are unavoidable. The simplest way to collect MAC/IP address pairs is to ping the address and then examine your ARP table.The ping is necessary since most ARP tables are flushed frequently.2.12 by Fyodor ([email protected], Interesting ports on sol1.( Port State Protocol Service 21 open tcp ftp 23 open tcp telnet 25 open tcp smtp 37 open tcp time 111 open tcp sunrpc 515 open tcp printer 540 open tcp uucp 6000 open tcp X11 Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1 second The results should be self-explanatory. If you want to use only ICMP packets, use the provides a number of options for stealth scanning.You can specify several IP addresses or you can span a segment by specifying an address with a mask if you want to scan multiple devices or addresses. There are two general reasons for using stealth scanning. This can be extremely difficult if the machine is actively watching for such activity.

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You will need to track address usage to manage services such as DNS.