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(See photos of the paintings and the cliffs that housed them.) The finds, dated to around the 7th century A.D., predate the origins of similar sophisticated painting techniques in medieval Europe and the Mediterranean by more than a hundred years."Sophisticated" Find Yoko Taniguchi of the Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation in Tokyo presented the findings at a recent international symposium held there.The analysis showed the murals were painted using a structured, multilayered technique reminiscent of early European methods.The site is also testimony to the tragic destruction by the Taliban of the two standing Buddha statues, which shook the world in March 2001.

The team started work in the area five years ago, investigating ways to preserve Buddhist art in some 1,000 caves that had been ravaged over the years by the harsh natural environment, rampant looting, and the infamous explosions.The constant cultural exchange also resulted in Chinese patterns influencing Islamic architecture in the 14 century, and Mongol ideas being adapted into Afghanistan’s laws.Aspects of intangible culture developed through the periods of the Silk Roads remain a part of Afghan culture today, such as hospitality, and the number of languages spoken.Over time, Buddhism spread to Afghanistan before arriving in China, and the Bamyan Buddhas stood as evidence.The spread of Buddhism to China was encouraged by the Kushan Dynasty, who were patrons of the religion within their territory.

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The murals typically have a white base layer of a lead compound, followed by an upper layer of natural or artificial pigments mixed with either resins or walnut or poppy seed drying oils, Taniguchi said.