Biggest cock1 chat avenue

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Biggest cock1 chat avenue

As we drove the conversation was limited to idle chitchat. Picturing everything from being a casual observer to Shannon being made love to by a couple with the man thrusting his cock in her from behind while Shannon was kissing the woman passionately as they lay breast to breast and my wife enjoys another man’s cock.While some thoughts were taboo, all seemed to excite me.I suggested we go to the club and check it out and if it seemed like fun we stay and if was creepy we just get up and leave.After showering, Shannon put on her new dress, sans panties and bra, slicked her hair back and was ready to go.Enjoying Her First Couple in South Beach We finally were able to experience our long talked about fantasy of going to a swing club when we made a trip down to South Beach, FL a few weeks back.

Anka grabbed Shannon’s hand and led her around the store selecting the tiniest tops and dresses (I think Shannon was probably suspicious as to whether I had come in earlier to tell which clothes I wanted her to pick for Shannon) Shannon jumped into the dressing room to try on her outfits and had obviously read my mind by constantly asking Anka for help with a zipper or by “forgetting” to close the latch on the door.

As we walked through the lounge I mentioned to Shannon how upscale the place seemed to be and how the place resembled a normal dance club.

It was a unique and equally exciting feeling to have an entire group of people turn to check out the new people coming into their club.

I couldn’t contain my erection and had to sit down, I was so turned on that she was letting her guard down and showing her body off without any prodding from me.

As someone normally reserved, I was amazed that Shannon was coming out of the dressing room to where the main floor and biggest mirror was and to ask me my opinion of the dress or top.

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