Dating between different races

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It blows steadily at 10 to 25 mph, with average temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees F.

Due to Antarctica’s unsettled weather, it’s normal to have a several-day delay just to set out for the starting line.

( Badass Score: 8 While shorter than typical ultra-runs, this 56-mile road race from Durban on South Africa’s east coast inland to Pietermaritzburg is no less intense with a knee-crunching 500-meter drop in just 13 and a half miles .

The course direction switches every year, running from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and vice versa.

( Badass Score: 7 In the North Pole Marathon you'll run across Arctic ice floes literally on the top of the world: the Geographic North Pole.

And if you finish, bragging rights are yours forever.To put it in perspective, we rated the New York City marathon at a 5.Most of these races take place in remote locations.Over its up-and-down course, you’ll gain 7,815 in elevation for the first 13.1 miles—the last three of which are a scramble using hands and feet to crawl up shale.And once you hit the halfway point, the 13.1-mile descent doesn’t get easier— it’s a guaranteed ankle-breaker and knee-twister. At 14,110 feet, lightning and hailstorms roll in with just a few second's notice—even in mid summer.

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