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Right when he gets home from work, or just before bed, would not be ideal.• Anonymous said…"am finding myself slipping into feelings of resentment quite often" if you love him..Take the time to explain how his behavior made you feel, and most importantly tell him EXACTLY what you want him to do differently.Try to do so calmly, and at a time that both of you agree is appropriate to discuss the concern.

I should clarify, this was a complete fabrication on his part but unfortunately not the only one…

In fact the more aggressive/hostile that they become, the more you know they’re not liking you interfering with their version of events.

They’d rather you disappeared under a rock so that they can weave their web of lies unhindered.

I'll assume that your husband has the normal high IQ common amongst folks with AS, and if so you can use that to your benefit to help him learn how to relate to you and "behave" in a more neuro-typical way.

No one with AS wants conflict or strife, as it only serves to worsen the anxiety and depression that is so common in this disorder.

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My partner has aspergers and honestly its not much of a relationship.