Email vs phone dating calculating dates in exce dating

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Email vs phone dating

It’s a legitimate question to ask: When should I call and when should I text?

As a rule, call when you want to hear your date’s voice, when you’re upset, and when you plan on talking for a few minutes or longer.

On the other hand, text to say hello, good morning, or good night, or to make specific plans that don’t require an actual phone conversation.

When you first start dating someone, share what your expectations are for calls and texts.

We don’t need to drive this one into the ground – just don’t do it. If you need to break plans but are still interested in the person, call and say, “I wanted to call you because I’m not able to make our plans, but I didn’t want to send a text for fear that you might think I wasn’t interested.” This is the gold standard of dating communication.

Did email’s convenience and low cost mean it should always be used to initiate communications?Often, their answers involve ''send an email saying…'' Like my students, I, too, once relied almost exclusively on email for project communications.After a few too many email catastrophes, I had the good fortune of working with a communications coach who made me question some of my habits.I recently had a female client tell me that she was feeling insecure and upset with the new guy she was dating, and she got out her phone and started texting. Twenty minutes of back-and-forth texting that got both of them more upset, with no follow-up phone call or resolution.There was awkward, bad energy between the two of them before they started texting, and the texting made the divide between the two of them even worse. Say clearly, “I always think it’s better to talk as opposed to sending texts or emails which can confuse things more.” If your date doesn’t pick up or responds with a text that says he or she can’t talk and can only text (e.g., he’s in a meeting), pick up the phone again and leave a message that says to call you later during a particular time frame.

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Do you need to talk on the phone every day, or maybe just a few times per week? Texting No-No #1: When one or both of you are upset Never discuss emotional issues while texting.