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Gay dating services gay matchmaking

As Shaklee says, "Our clients are wonderful men who happen to be gay, but they don't necessarily lead with that." This is especially the case with H4M's higher-end clients. They most often look for a sexual attraction in the first five minutes. Our job is to dig a little deeper, past the physical attraction, to find the key values and qualities that make two men who are both seeking a long-term relationship compatible." Nevertheless, most gay men are content with online venues, and that's perfectly OK. He has served as a media specialist for CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Today Show, among others.

Sadly, that's pretty much the way life went for gay men until the Internet came along.Once upon a time, gay men had few options for meeting, hooking up and dating.We could frequent gay bars, bathhouses, the men's room in the basement of a local department store, highway rest stops, the steam room at the gym, certain notorious parks, and that was about it.Needless to say, this made the getting-to-know-you process much, much safer (though not necessarily easier).Things were further streamlined in 2009 with the advent of Grindr, the first-ever smartphone app designed for romantic purposes.

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And with gay marriage now legal nationwide -- hurrah for the Supreme Court -- the thinly veiled line between casual sex and serious dating is more important than ever.

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