Ghana abroad dating

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Ghana abroad dating

There are no special tax concessions for expatriates in general.

However, there are Investment Agreements between some companies in Ghana and the government of Ghana that exempt expatriates from taxes if they spend less than thirty (30) continuous days or sixty (60) cumulative days within a given year of assessment.

Non-Ghanaian income of a resident is taxable, even if this is not brought into or received in Ghana.

At the year-end, the employer is required to prepare an annual reconciliation of the taxes withheld on monthly basis to determine whether there are any differences.

Obtaining work and residence permit can take a minimum of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) working days.

However, if the individual’s assignment begins and any payments are made to him or her before the relevant permits are obtained, the income with Ghanaian source will still be subject to tax.

Will an assignee have a filing requirement in the host country after they leave the country and repatriate?

The employer has up to 30 April after the year end to file the completed returns.

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The return is required to outline salaries paid to each employee, exemptions, tax reliefs, chargeable income, tax due and tax paid. 31 December What are the compliance requirements for tax returns in Ghana?

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