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Some additional notes about men: What's that you say? The exact origins of "not all men" are muddy at best.

As Jess Zimmerman noted in Time, "'not all men' erupted in several places on the Internet simultaneously and independently, like the invention of calculus." "Not all men" may be a shortened version of "Not all men are like that" or NAMALT, which appeared on the chat forum e Not Alone as early as 2004.

Studies have shown that not all interrupting is equal.

The meta analysis by the University of California at Santa Cruz was conducted on 43 studies about interrupting.

She cited seemingly innocuous examples of sexism in language with words like "chairman" and "spokesman," and problematic language differences like a single male being called a "bachelor" while a single woman is called a "spinster" ("bachelorette" was only coined in the 20th century, while "spinster" and "bachelor" are both from the 14th century).

The way we think and deal with gender gets expressed in language — and that includes, say, interrupting someone with a corrective "not all men." Some analysts, like Sara Mills, have drawn a distinction between two forms of sexist language: overt and indirect.

To clarify, "adult" here does not mean someone who's able to pay their own rent, or treat others with respect. At a blog or site of sufficient size, it's practically inevitable that a commenter will reply, "Not all men interrupt." This phrase "Not all men" is a common rebuttal used (most often) by men in conversations about gender in order to exempt themselves from criticism of common male behaviors.

The first use of "Not all men" in a popular medium is what Shafiqah Hudson calls her "tweet heard round the world," which she published in February of 2013: The tweet went viral almost immediately.Mills argues that overt sexism has been driven underground, only to create an environment where indirect sexism flourishes.And derailing tactics like "Not all men" are a prime example of indirectly sexist language."The very semantics of the language reflects [women's] condition.We do not even have our own names, but bear that of the father until we change it for that of a husband," the second-wave feminist activist Robin Morgan wrote in her book Going Too Far.

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Pointing out that you're not one of them doesn't help us figure out how to understand and deal with that problem.