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Saiyuki dating game

Now the war’s over but by using the kyouten, the balance of the world is fucked and the only thing anyone can do is to wait for Zenshi to be reborn as Genjou and wait for her to return the kyouten, thus restoring the balance.

Problem is, one of her 4 destined followers (Seiten Taisen) is in the Meiou right nao and killing the Meiou would result in the loss of Taisen’s soul so the heavens decide to use the Meiou as a substitute for Taisen 500 yrs later.

oh whoops i’m sorry, i’m a lazy lil cuntnugget so i’ll just order one of ma 4 slaves to do your work. ” *sigh* that aside, after an hour or so of skippin shit, we finally get some substance in the game and the ‘antagonists’ are introduced – Ranfuan and his two cronies, Kinkaku and Ginkaku.

When Genjou and co reach the tenjiku thing and release the kyouten, all are magically knocked out.

Genjou is plunged back into her past life of being Konzenshi 500 yrs ago, a deity back then.

The heavens and the meikai were busy raping each others’ asses, draggin the mortal world into their silly lil wars and Konzenshi was the only one who tried to figure out summin to help.

Nyorai then takes Gokuu’s power to allow him to live as simply normal Gokuu and Genjou returns the kyouten’s power to her original master.

Everyone’s united, the rest of the gang having dealt with the DBK and RB.

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Based on the classic tale, travel to India with Sanzo the monk and Son Gohan, the Monkey King, on a pilgrimage to India.

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  1. This is a lesson I train pupils in from as early as possible (possibly not absolute beginners) and within a few run-throughs it can run itself.