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The Source Editor can be split horizontally or vertically.

To simultaneously display multiple files in the Source Editor: You can create a clone of a tab if you want to open two tabs with the same file.

When you restart the IDE you will be prompted with the option of importing settings from a previous version of the IDE.

For more details about locating your current userdir, see the following FAQ.

If you drag one of the tabs to split the editor view or create a tab group you can view different parts of the same file simultaneously.

How to clone a tab: The IDE provides comprehensive control over how toolbars are presented.

Settings that you specify at the project level override the settings that you specify in the Options window.

To open a task-related window, simply choose the window from the Windows menu.

If you do not import the settings at the first launch but later decide that you would like to import the settings from a previous installation, you can choose the settings that you would like to import in the Options window.

Importing settings may overwrite your existing settings.

The IDE includes several sets of keyboard shortcuts with shortcut mappings that correspond to the shortcuts in other editors and IDEs.

To switch between keyboard shortcut sets: Opens the Select Profiling Task when a profiling session is in progress.

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You can only specify a keyboard shortcut that is not being used by another command.