When dating online follow your genes

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When dating online follow your genes

Every day brings new evidence that the mind-body connection reaches right down to the activities of our genes.

The new model, however, portrays a more fluid, dynamic genome that responds quickly, even instantly, to all that we experience, including how you think, feel, speak, and act.Unless decisions, lifestyle, environment, and personal preferences are included, a full picture of the mysteries of our DNA cannot be attained.The speed and extent of change at the genetic level would astonish researchers even a few years ago.Today you will casually perform some very mysterious actions: As an aware being you will imbue your desires with intention ("I'll have the tuna salad"), direct your attention to specific objects and aspects of the world ("Just look at that sunset!"), and experience the shifting landscape of your inner world ("This movie is boring") as you navigate the terrain of your mind.

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In your body, as in every cell, regulation is holistic, self-generated, self-organizing, and self-directed in concert with consciousness.

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